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When You Need The Best Attorney For Your Divorce

Our Experienced Legal Team Will Help

we help people going through a family law case minimize the impact of their separation on their children through our proven delightful divorce and peaceful parenting frameworks.

Delightful Divorce  

Our Delightful Divorce Playbook is way past traditional representation

  • Gain Clarity Over What You Need Vs. What You Want: Learn how to get the most advantageous custom "next chapter" solutions so can settle your case easily and move on with your life.
  • Divorce Action Plan: Discover your practical and strategic Divorce Action Plan to avoid creating roadblocks to settlement so you can you save time and money and finish your divorce faster
  • Fast Finishers: Finish each step of the process faster to avoid making your divorce take longer while  skipping the stress and overwhelm
  • "Their Idea" Strategies:  Let your Spouse think they are getting what they want even though you control the narrative and choices while minimizing conflict to walk out of your divorce friends not enemies
  • ​​More Tools For Your Toolbox: Improve your communication and negotiating skills and avoid caving to your Spouse's demands so you can you can reach a settlement and avoid an expensive trial.
  • P.O.I.N.T.S. Framework:  Score more points with the Judge so the factors at trial point to your side and walk away with the best result possible.
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Save Time, Money, and Tons of Frustration

We Have Representation Plans To Fit Any Budget   

Join Us For Our Lunch and Learn

Find out more about the types of representation we offer and
what might be right for your needs. 

  • DIY +:  Need to save money on fees?  Want to do part of your case by yourself but feel like you need a little help?  We have options to help make sure you don't goof up filing your case on your own.
  • Unbundled Services: Sometimes there are pieces of your case that requires the assistance of an attorney.  Hire us to do pieces you need and save money while protecting your rights and getting the results you deserve.
  • Quick Start:  Don't have enough $ to pay a big retainer up front?  No problem.  We can help you get the first 1/2 of your case filed fast and then you can hire us to do addition work once your 30 day time waiting period is over.
  • Flat Fee: Perfect for people who have an uncontested case!  Pay one fee for the attorney to do the entire case!
  • TLC: Total Legal Coverage is for anyone with a contested case.  We make sure you are covered at all stages of the case through our Delightful Divorce framework.
  • High Conflict: Spouse or Co-Parent next level?  Our representation is next level too!  We will help you get the results you need without increasing the conflict through our Peaceful Parenting Framework. 

Ready To Work With US?

Our focus is always on the client. Every day is spent thinking about how we can make the client experience better and provide you with better results. Working with clients in legal matters should go beyond the legal part of how this life event impacts you. We are not counselors or life coaches, but we can provide you with resources beyond the legal result. There are practical aspects to consider in moving through this time in your life and emotional components on how it impacts you and your family. We will do all we can to help.

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online options

Not quite ready to pull the trigger on hiring an attorney?

No worries... we have other options to help you learn more information and get directions to the right road to divorce for you!

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Join me over your lunch hour...

Divorce Lunch and Learn

Need to find out more about divorce, but your schedule makes it hard to call our office without anyone finding out?  

Not sure you are ready to pull the trigger yet?

Join me for my 45 minute lunch webinar! 

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Learn  about the types of representation to find out what might be right for you!

Divorce Webinar

Want to figure out what type of representation is right for you?

Wish you could do your divorce together?

A little scared to get started on your divorce?

Join me for the Divorce Secrets Webinar!

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Getting ready to file for divorce?

3 Day Live Challenge

Whether you are thinking about filing your own divorce or just want to get ready to start the divorce journey, join Carrie Sue on a 3 day live FREE Challenge to help you avoid messing up your divorce before you file your legal documents.  

Avoid more stress, more drama, and higher attorney fees!

What we do...

Areas of Practice



Aren't you tired of the sick feeling in your stomach every day?

Stop Harassing Phone Calls Stop Foreclosures
Stop Repossessions
Stop Lawsuits
No more worry about garnishments.
Get rid of the auto deductions from your bank account from payday loans.

Take control of your life and get a fresh start!

Child Custody (1).png

Child Custody

Are you ready to put this all behind you and start living your best life?

Divorce with children
Never-Married Parents Modifications Child Support Cases
Limited Scope 
Unbundled Legal Services

Create the custom parenting plan for the best interest of your minor child!

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Are you ready to put this all behind you and start living your best life?

Division of Assets and Debts 
Limited Scope 
Unbundled Legal Services

Find a division of the assets and debts that your Spouse will agree to and the Judge will approve!

From Abuse (1).png

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is NOT your fault!

Have someone making false accusations against you? 

Domestic Violence in Divorce
Orders of Protection
Respondent Protection
Temporary Restraining Orders
Child Protection Orders

Protect yourself and have the 

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Isn't there a better way to come to an agreement over your legal issues without spending a ton of money on attorneys or letting a Judge decide what is right for you?

Divorce Divorce with kids High Conflict Divorce Juvenile Court

Avoid spending too much on attorneys and find your own solution to your legal issues.

Untitled design (4).png

High Conflict

Aren't you tired of being the victim?

Domestic Violence Separation High Conflict Co-Parenting Child Abuse
Parent with Alcohol or Drug Problems

You don't have to live a life where your partner or Co-Parent takes things to the next level.

Protect yourself and move away from this constant turmoil.

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Do you have a friend or family member who needs a little help or cannot provide for their health and financial needs?  A disabled child turning 18 soon?

Guardianship  Conservatorship  
Disabled Child Guardianships
Parent Guardianships

Get the legal authority to help make medical and financial decisions for your loved one.


Estate Planning

Are you worried what will happen to your family after you pass away?

What will happen if you have a serious accident and cannot make decisions for yourself (temporarily or permanently)?

Last Will and Testament Durable Power of Attorney Durable Power of Attorney for Child Trust Asset

Give your family a precious gift and stop putting off preparing an estate plan.


Traffic Tickets

Are you worried about points on your license?

Minor traffic tickets and DWI can affect your: Ability to drive/ loss of driving privilege, Insurance rates, Employment

Don't let your license get suspended.  Fight your tickets and DWI and keep your license safe!

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Favorite Quote

“Some men look at things the way they are and ask why?
I dream of things that are not and ask why not?”
--Robert Kennedy


  • ​University of Kansas Bachelor of Arts
  • ​University of Tulsa School of Law Juris Doctorate
  • ​High Conflict Mediation Training
  • Domestic Abuse Training

Meet Our Attorney

Carrie Sue Doxsee, JD

Married to my best friend.
Mom of 4 adult kids.

My husband and I love to travel!

Welcome! It is great to connect with you and tell you a bit about myself. It is so important when you hire an attorney to find the person you feel comfortable with and trust. My focus is always on improvement of our firm. We strive every day to do something that will help provide better customer service, more information for our clients, and better communication.

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Awards and Recognitions

  • ​Member of Missouri Bar Association
  • ​Member of Clay County Bar
  • ​Member of the Kansas City Bankruptcy Bar
  • ​Member of Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
  • ​Member of Association of Missouri Mediators
  • Best of Kansas City- Bankruptcy 2017 & 2019
  • American Institute of Family Law Attorneys- 10 Best Attorneys 2017 & 2019
  • ​American Jurist- Top 10 Family Law Attorneys in Missouri 2017 & 2019
  • ​Attorney Practice Magazine Top 10 Family Law Attorneys- 2016 Client Satisfaction Award


What others are saying about us

Cindy Burton

Carrie Sue responded quickly to taking my case. She started right away She explained everything and gave me payment options. My case got filed fast and is moving along smoothly and fast. I’ve been notified of everything happening. I’m very pleased with Carrie Sue. She is wonderful!

Shawn Circle png

Shawn Liebl

Law In Kansas City Replied: Thank you so much Shawn for doing a positive review of our firm. As a thank you, I would love to send you a link to our new DIY Estate Planning online course for free. As soon as I have it finished, I will send it to you. You were certainly one of our favorite clients! Let us know if there is anything we can do for you..

Tanya Tessman png

Tanya Tessman

I was very pleased with my atty. Carrie Sue Doxsee. She was very thorough and her follow up was excellent.

Lauren Jewell png

Lauren Jewell

five-star-rating-11549726812abjskp8qz8 png

Patrick Tinkey

Carrie Sue impressed me because before I made contact with her I reached out to several other lawyers and they seemed to just be salesmen and Carrie took the time to discuss several different ways I could file for divorce that may not leave me bankrupt. I really appreciated that and thats why I ultimately chose her to help me

Chris Velasquez

Worked with me and my son with the courts for guardianship. Took time to explain all the processes thoroughly and was prompt when getting back with issues that arose. Would recommend to other special needs families!!.

One thing I hear from clients all the time is that they just don't know how to get started on their divorce.  So I created the Divorce Quiz to help you take your first step towards the next chapter in your life!

Divorce Quiz.png

Take Our Quick  Divorce Quiz and find out what type of representation is right for you!

Don't know how to get started on your divorce?

You need the "Right Fit" Attorney....

how do i pick an attorney?

Chances are you have never been through a legal case before and have no idea how to pick an attorney. Feel nervous?  Kind of scared to get started?  Worried about how much it is going to cost?
Not sure if the attorney is any good?

We have a joke in our office... is it a Carrie Sue client or a Todd client (Todd is my husband).  

Basically, I am the kind of person who wants all the resources before I make a decision and Todd wants to get you on the phone and talk to you before he makes a decision.  

Technology allows us to do so much more than when I started practicing law almost 30 years ago.

So for the "Carrie Sue" clients out there, I created this free recourse.  In fact, I have created TONS of free resources for you which is why our firm is so different than other law firms.  

Secrets to Hiring Attorney.small.png

Grab our free eBook to help you pick an attorney who is right for you.

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