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Practice Focus
>     Adoption
>     Bankruptcy Chapter 7 & 13
>     Child Support
>     Child Custody
>     Divorce
>     Estate Planning
>     Family Law
>     Guardianship
>     Mediation:      
>     Probate
>     Traffic and DWI

  • ​University of Kansas, Bachelor of Arts
  • ​University of Tulsa College School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Licensed 1993, Missouri
  • ​Mediation Training including Transformative Mediation
  • ​State of Missouri
Carrie Sue Doxsee
Managing Attorney
Wife of Todd Doxsee and Mom of 3 kids plus amazing Step-Son: one graduated with her on Masters and working in the world, another out and in the work force, one in college wrestling at Drury University, and one in high school at Staley High School.
Welcome!  It is great to connect with you and tell you a bit about myself.  It is so important when you hire an attorney to find the person you feel comfortable with and trust.  My focus is always on improvement of our firm.  We strive every day to do something that will help provide better customer service, more information for our clients, and better communication.  

I have spent years developing procedures to keep our cases moving at optimum capacity.  We have added in additional conferences with our clients throughout the process so they are very involved in their case.  Our next project is working on a Members Area that will have tons of resources for our clients so they don't have to pay us for basic information and we even have eBooks and other suggestion that might help you live your best life-- beyond the legal part of your case.  

So you want to know more about me... let's see- what can I tell you...  

My grandfather was an attorney and Judge in Ohio.  He always wanted one of his sons to go to law school and follow in his footsteps.  My dad tried... but the golf course kept calling his name and it just want not the right fit for him.  Instead, my dad went on to become President of a Steel Company and built it pretty much from the ground up into a big company with multiple warehouses all over the Country.  My uncles were not into becoming an attorney either.... they started their own insurance agencies.  My mom had her own successful real estate agency.  So I guess, having my own firm and being an entrepreneur is in my blood.  As a child, I thought "I can make my Grandfather's dream come true and be an attorney."  Why not?  I was actually adopted, so making my Grandpa proud was super important to me.  It was a great way to fit into the family.  Not really the best reason to become an attorney, but so many attorneys have a similar story.

For me, being an attorney was really about helping people.  This is where my "calling" comes in.  

People are often in a bad place in their lives --- temporarily mind you-- when they come in to see me.  They need help to get to the other side of some kind of problem-- financial, relationship, or other roadblock.  This is where I come in.  My job is to be your guide, champion, and advocate for your needs.  I believe in finding solutions when there is cooperation between Parties.  There is no need to tear each other down to win.  All it takes is an open mind and creativity to come up with agreements. This is definitely an area where I stand out.   I really have a skill on finding ways to help each person receive their primary goal and feel like the result is something they can live with.  You can't get everything in order for both Parties to walk away happy, but you can find areas of compromise without feeling run over and angry.  Don't forget, as your attorney, I am here to make sure you don't give up too much!  There needs to be balance in negotiations.  The best part is that I can be the "bad cop" to your "good cop" (sorry, have a police officer in the family too hence the reference) which allows you to maintain a better relationship with the other Party and blame the bad parts of the negotiation process on me.  Genius, right?  Our goal is to get what you want while making the other person think they ran the show.  It works every time like a charm!

Often, despite our best attempts to find a mutually agreeable solution, it does not work.  Not everyone will play nice.  When they don't, I kick into high gear and make sure to be more prepared, faster, and on the offensive.  A legal case can be just like sports-- you have to play offense and defense on the field and strategize to win--play by play, quarter by quarter, and the last two minutes of the game.  

Just like sports, there is the coach and a leader on the field... in football it is the quarterback, in baseball it is often the catcher, in soccer it is the center-mid, etc.  There has to be a player that is helping direct the game.  You are the STAR of the team.  Without you playing a good game, the case can't be successful!  The job of the coach is to help you improve your game, to know how to do things, and when to run each play.  

For me, being competitive is fun and frustrating all rolled into one.  My job is also to motivate you and keep you in the game without too much emotion.  In order for there to be a good outcome, the coach and player have to have a good relationship, right?  So I can't forget this important element either.  We have to communicate and always be on the same page.  

When the other Party is difficult, we need to put you in the position to come away with the right result.  Everything we do will be focused on creating the best evidence so the Judge will want to rule in your favor.  

On my team, there is integrity, playing fair, and being a good sport.  I will not win playing dirty no matter how much you ask me to go in that direction.  If you want someone who will win at all costs, I am not the right fit for you.  You win the game on the field, but you also have to leave the game holding your head high.  There is life outside the field and you need to be the person you want to be in all circumstances.  We can have it both ways.  

No matter the outcome, you will feel you did everything you could to present the best case to the Judge.  We can't control all the facts or all the players.  

Helping you THROUGH the process emotionally is also a big component on feeling what we did in the case was successful which is another job of a good coach.  We also have a cheerleader for our team-  the Paralegal!  Now you have someone to help bring up the energy and make you proud of your progress.  Maybe she also serves a multi-purpose as the team doctor.  When you are hurt, she is there is to make sure you are ok to get back into the game.  Sometimes she may have to put on a bandage or a brace... but she will fix you up.  There is NOTHING like having a great Paralegal on your team.  You can't win the game without her!

So now you know a bit about me, my philosophy, and how I "play the game" so to speak.  If this is type of person you want to work with, I am always up for another game.  Remember, you need to find the best fit for you.  Not every coach works for every player.  Not every player works for every coach.  If you need someone to be on your team and help you win the game, we are here to help!
Awards & 
  • ​Member of Missouri Bar
  • ​Member of Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association
  • ​Member of Clay County Bar Association
  • ​Member of Kansas City Bankruptcy Bar Association
  • ​Clay County Bar Associations
  • ​Kansas City Missouri Bar Associations
  • ​Member of Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
  • ​Member of Association of Missouri Mediators
  • ​Mediator Trained in Mediation- Traditional and Transformative
  • ​Best of Kansas City- Bankruptcy 2017 & 2019
  • ​American Institute of Family Law Attorneys- 10 Best Attorneys 2017 & 2019
  • ​American Jurist- Top 10 Family Law Attorneys in Missouri 2017 & 2019
  • ​Attorney Practice Magazine Top 10 Family Law Attorneys- 2016 Client Satisfaction Award
  • ​Member of Platte Woods United Methodist Church
Practice Focus
>     Adoption
>     Child Support
>     Child Custody
>     Divorce
>     Estate Planning
>     Family Law
>     Guardianship
>     Probate
>     Traffic and DWI

Sherry Taylor
Wife to Terry Taylor and Mom of 3 kids plus the cutest Golden-Doodle you have ever seen, Sherry is the best Paralegal in the Metro Area.  
Sherry (aka Wonder Women or Glenda the Good Witch) has been working with Law In Kansas City for almost 5 years.  Her first love is family law!  You have to be a special person to fill this job and Sherry is able to go through her day with kindness to the clients that helps them feel they are important and supported by our firm.  

The key to a good attorney is 100% the Paralegal that supports them.  Sherry is the first line of offense and defense for the firm.  She will keep everything on track, make sure the clients have plenty of time with the attorney to ask questions, and is responsible for ALL the magic with the firm.  Sherry is committed to improving our firm every day.  She has some amazing qualities for dealing with our clients-- the Glenda the Good Witch-- ones like:  beautiful inside and out, empathetic, sincere, and compassionate.  Even those clients that can test the patience of Job are met with a smile.  She has some other important qualities to help get amazing results for our clients- the Wonder Woman -- ones like:  diligent, resourceful, smart, and committed to excellence.  Without a doubt, you will love Law In Kansas City just because of her.  

Originally, she thought of going to law school.  Thank goodness for us she chose the Paralegal track instead.  Sherry has been in family law a long time, but has also practiced in other areas such as bankruptcy, personal injury, traffic, and more transaction type of cases.  She has worked for large firms and small ones.  All her experience is brought to our office and she is also in charge of training the staff at the firm. There is nothing she does not excel in.  She is super organized, drafts amazing documents, is PERFECT with the clients, rarely complains even when things get crazy, and just has a calming impact on everyone around her.  Since she is a fierce momma bear, she totally understands a parent's desire to keep the children safe.  This comes in super handy when we have our High Conflict Divorce cases which need special care and handling.  

I am so lucky to have such an amazing and loyal person to spend my days with during the week!  I would be lost without her.  You will come to love her too!

Our staff are amazing at what they do
Our focus is always on the client. Every day is spent thinking about how we can make the client experience better and provide you with better results. Working with clients in legal matters should go beyond the legal part of how this life event impacts you. We are not counselors or life coaches, but we can provide you with resources beyond the legal result. There are practical aspects to consider in moving through this time in your life and emotional components on how it impacts you and your family. We will do all we can to help.  

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