Carrie Sue Doxsee 

Senior Attorney

Need an attorney, but don't know where to start? Afraid of the cost? Then you're in the right place. I'm Carrie Sue, an entrepreneurial attorney with over 30 years of experience helping people with legal issues like you get the representation you need and deserve.

In this free consultation, we'll discuss your legal issues and how we can help you get the best results possible. We'll go over your situation, what type of representation will fit your needs and pocketbook, help you understand how the legal process works, and more. I'll provide you with valuable insights and actionable tips to help you get your case started, avoid common mistakes people make, and develop an action strategy to obtain the best results possible.

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What's included with your FREE consultation:

  • Evaluate your current issue and identify a game plan to move forward
  • ​Discuss your how the legal process works and what you can expect.
  • Offer advice on your specific situation.
  • ​Provide tips, tricks, and secrets on how to avoid common pitfalls and potholes people in your situation normally face.
  • ​Discuss costs and representation options.
  • ​Answer your questions.

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we help people going through a family law case minimize the impact of their separation on their children through our proven delightful divorce and peaceful parenting frameworks.

Only Firm in Missouri providing VIP Service with tons of online resources.

How Are We Different Than Traditional Law Firms?

Carrie Sue is OBSESSED at creating the premiere law firm in Kansas City and providing her clients with BONUS value every step through their case.  Our unique VIP service utilizes technology to create content for you available 24/7 so you know exactly how the process works, what to expect, and have the education to make quick and informed decisions to give you the best chance for the result you want.

Plus you get...

  • Representation Plans For Every BudgetRegardless of your pocketbook, we have a representation plan that will provide you with help in your legal case:  DIY+, Unbundled Legal Services/ Limited Scope Representation, Quick Start, Flat Fees, Hourly Fees, and High Conflict. 
  • Proven Frameworks:  Our proven frameworks give you a step by step process to move through your case quickly... but keeping the eye out for trial if you can't reach a settlement.  Each step gives you "right time" information and conference time with the attorney so you help control the progress and results in your case.  
  • VIP Representation:  We have TONS of resources... OnePagers, Whitepapers, Ebooks, Maps, Articles and Blogs and are working on our Members Only Mini-Courses for each stage of your case (even if you only hire us for Limited Scope Representation) so you  have the education you need to make the best decisions for your case and feel comfortable through the whole process!  
  • ​Client Portal: Easy communication, document sharing and easy upload, and so much more- available 24/7 - so you never have to wonder what is going on in your case or wait for a call back.
  • Members Only Facebook Group:  Going through a legal battle is hard and your friends and family can get tired of hearing about it.  In our Members Only Facebook Group you will have the support you need-  You Don't Have To Do This Alone!!!


What others are saying about us

Cindy Burton

Carrie Sue responded quickly to taking my case. She started right away She explained everything and gave me payment options. My case got filed fast and is moving along smoothly and fast. I’ve been notified of everything happening. I’m very pleased with Carrie Sue. She is wonderful!

Shawn Circle png

Shawn Liebl

Law In Kansas City Replied: Thank you so much Shawn for doing a positive review of our firm. As a thank you, I would love to send you a link to our new DIY Estate Planning online course for free. As soon as I have it finished, I will send it to you. You were certainly one of our favorite clients! Let us know if there is anything we can do for you..

Tanya Tessman png

Tanya Tessman

I was very pleased with my atty. Carrie Sue Doxsee. She was very thorough and her follow up was excellent.

Lauren Jewell png

Lauren Jewell

five-star-rating-11549726812abjskp8qz8 png

Patrick Tinkey

Carrie Sue impressed me because before I made contact with her I reached out to several other lawyers and they seemed to just be salesmen and Carrie took the time to discuss several different ways I could file for divorce that may not leave me bankrupt. I really appreciated that and thats why I ultimately chose her to help me

Chris Velasquez

Worked with me and my son with the courts for guardianship. Took time to explain all the processes thoroughly and was prompt when getting back with issues that arose. Would recommend to other special needs families!!.

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