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If you're looking for someone who has experience and expertise in Kansas City, you'll find what you need at the Law Office of Carrie Sue Doxsee. Most people who file need to do so because of an illness which kept them from working, divorce, or a change in their job. With the economy in such bad shape, we have many clients who are unemployed through no fault of their own. Our clients are not lazy bad people. Our clients are people who had a bad break here and there. They just need a little help to get on the road to financial health again. Got Student Loan Debt?

Don't feel defeated--make a change to improve your life. We are here to encourage you and help you make it through to the other side. There is light at the other end of the tunnel. Stop foreclosures, garnishments, repossessions and lawsuits. Let us help you. Call today!


Filing requires a great deal of effort on your part. Right now you may not think you have any energy to move forward. We are here to help. You can do your intake form online and save it as you go. Here is how:

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Do not feel like you must fill out the entire form prior to your first appointment.

Please note: This office is a debt relief agency as defined by the bankruptcy code. We help people file for relief under this code.

For Kansas City bankruptcy law help, you need look no further than the Law Office of Carrie Sue Doxsee. Our top priority is always giving our clients the best possible representation. We understand this is a difficult time for you; let us help make it a little easier! Call our office today.

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Did you know.....?

  • - Both spouses do not need to file together.
  • - Some taxes are dischargeable after 3 years.
  • Bankruptcy will stop a lawsuit, foreclosure or repossession. One the bankruptcy case is filed there is an automatic stay which protects the debtor. The creditor cannot move forward without permission of the bankruptcy Judge.
  • You likely won't ever have to go in front of a Judge. You will, however, have a meeting with the Trustee.
  • Some debts are non-dischargeable: alimony, child support, certain taxes, student loans, overpayments by the government (unemployment or social security), criminal restitution, carr accident with alcohol or illegal substances involved, and fraud.
  • You will have to take a credit counseling course before you file and a financial management course after you file. I sign you up for your class and most of it is completed over the internet or by phone.
  • You can dump your house, car or other secured debts without being liable for deficiencies (you won't owe anything even if you are upside down).
  • You might be able to strip your second mortgage in a Chapter 13 case IF you house is not worth anything more than you owe on the first mortgage.
  • If you are upside on your vehicle and your loan is more than 3 years old, you could pay the creditor only the value of the vehicle/ what it is worth?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is intended for people who do not owe alimony or child support and who do not have funds left over at the end of the month after they have paid their reasonable living expenses. Further, the Debtor needs to be current on any house or secured debt (such as a vehicle) IF they want to keep them.

CAUTION: you do not want to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy when you are in the middle of a trial period on a loan modification. Also, you do not want to file your Chapter 7 and then attempt a loan modification or you may risk losing your house.

For the average person filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they are likely to be done in 6 months.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 is intended for someone who falls into the following category:

  • 1. Owes child support or alimony;
  • 2. Is behind on their mortgage and wants to try to save their home;
  • 3. Is behind on their car payments and wants to keep their vehicle;
  • 4. Has some money left over at the end of the month but can't pay all their credit card minimum payments;
  • 5. Owes a good deal of taxes;
  • 6. Can't qualify for a Chapter 7 case for a particular reason such as they have a prior Chapter 7 case in the last 8 years.

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Below is a list of frequently asked

questions about bankruptcy.






What are some of the common mistakes people make when filing bankruptcy?

Two of the most common mistakes are not making it to your scheduled hearing and failing to list all of your assets, debts and any other liabilities you have. If you fail to appear at the bankruptcy hearing, your case will often than not be dismissed. It is very important to list all your assets and debts. No matter what list every debt you have, even if you believe that it is a non-discharge able debt, it could end up getting discharged anyway. Even include your last month’s utility bills in your debts when you file





How will filing a bankruptcy help me?

Filing a Kansas City bankruptcy can help you in many different ways:

  • 1 - It will eliminate your unsecured debts. For example: credit card debt, past medical bills, any payday loans, past utility bills, any overdrawn bank accounts.
  • 2 - It will cease any Kansas City wage garnishments that are attached to your paychecks if any exist.
  • 3 - If you have any bank levies on your checking accounts it will them.
  • 4 - A bankruptcy will eliminate any lawsuits that are pending against you by any of your past and current creditors.
  • 5 - It will stop the harassment from collection agencies by stopping the phone calls at all hours of the day and night.
  • 6 - A bankruptcy will clean your credit record of your debts so that you you are able to focus on rebuilding your credit and your credit score.
  • 7 - It will give you a new start and a clean slate to work with so that you are able to move forward with life and not worry about your suffocating debt.

The attorneys at Law In Kansas City will help you get your finances, credit and your life back in order! You and your family do not have to live facing the overwhelming and out of control debt you may have! Call to schedule a free consultation. Law In Kansas City 816-479-2700






How will a bankruptcy stop a car repossession from happening?

A bankruptcy will stop your vehicles creditor from attempting to repossess your car. When the bankruptcy petition is filed with the court system, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can contact the vehicles creditor and advise them that they must stop their efforts to repossess your car.

Or if your vehicle unfortunately has already been repossessed, there is still a possibility that you can get your car back. The vehicles creditor is required by a Missouri state law to hold onto a repossessed vehicle for a minimum of ten days after they have repossessed it before they can attempt to sell it to someone or a business. If your bankruptcy is filed within this timeframe the creditor is obligated by law to give the car back to you.

When your car is back in your own possession, the usual next step is a Chapter 13. This is a common bankruptcy repayment plan in which certain debts you owe are paid off over a period of three to five years. Included within this Chapter 13 repayment plan will be your vehicle loan, any past and present tax debt you may have, back child support that is owed and possibly a mortgage arrangement that would consist of the amount owed that you have fallen behind on your home loan payments.

An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can ensure that your vehicle is kept in your possession and safe. At Law In Kansas City, we have recovered hundreds of vehicles after getting repossessed and back to their rightful owners. We will also stop any wage garnishments you may have,stop any pending lawsuits, and stop any collections that you may be facing.

Our initial consultation is free of charge. So contact our office today to schedule a consultation! 816-479-2700






How will a bankruptcy stop my home from being foreclosed?

When you file for a bankruptcy, any and all of your creditor activity comes to a stop. This activity that is stopped would include items like wage garnishments you may have, any bank levies, any pending lawsuits, the collection on any debts, vehicle repossessions, and also the foreclosure of your home.

The reason why a bankruptcy stops these kinds of things is because when the bankruptcy petition is put in place, the court system will order an "Automatic Stay" to go into effect. An automatic stay means that your creditors and collections must halt all of their efforts to attempt to collect money from you, or demand payment from you, or to proceed in any other action that could keep you away from any of your assets like your home.

The main method that an experienced bankruptcy lawyer will use in this situation is a Chapter 13 filing. This is a structured repayment plan that can be setup for three to five years. Within this time period, some of your past debts will be paid back. The most first debt on this list would be the amount of money that you are behind on your mortgage loan payments.

There is no doubt that facing a possible foreclosure is very stressful. But your home can be saved! The experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Law In Kansas City have saved countless homes from being foreclosed over the last decade. One of our main goals is to ensure that your assets like your house and car are kept in your possession, all of your unsecured debt that is owed to creditors is discharged, and that you and your family are put back on track for the financial freedom you deserve. Call our office for a free consultation. 816-479-2700 - Law In Kansas City



Can I file for bankruptcy without a lawyer?

Yes you can file for bankruptcy by yourself without a lawyer, and this is called “filing pro se”. And you can also do dental work on yourself, but we do not recommend it. It is easier to pull out your own tooth than to file for your own bankruptcy case by yourself. Filing for bankruptcy is a much more complicated process than can be imagined. The majority of people who file their own bankruptcy case eventually end up needing to hire a lawyer to fix the mess they made. Lawyers often charge more to fix an improperly filed bankruptcy than what it would cost to file a new case since it takes less time to file it correctly the first time then fix a case that's all messy.




When I am filing bankruptcy what paperwork will I need to bring to my lawyer?

You will need to bring the names, total amounts, and proper physical mailing addresses of "all" of your Creditors. Bring any recent pay check stubs, recent tax returns, any vehicle titles, the deed to your home and any other real property, an appraisal or your property tax bill for your home and the most recent mortgage balance statement that is available. You can estimate the amounts of any money you owe as best you can, you do not need to contact the creditors to ask them for the exact amount you owe them. It will also help if you bring the account numbers of these accounts, but at the very least we must have the physical address correctly to give notice of the bankruptcy to these Creditors. Our firm has a database of the physical addresses to the most common creditors such as the major credit card companies, local area hospitals, all of the collection agencies in town, other local lawyers and the utility companies in the area. Unfortunately, credit bureau reports most of the time do not have the physical mailing addresses on listed for the creditors. If you have received a recent Credit bureau report before filing the bankruptcy, bring this in for your meeting and we will get the addresses to these creditors for you.




I need a credit card. Can I keep one?

Possibly, if you do not owe any money to the creditor issuing the credit card, you do not have to list them on your bankruptcy since you don’t have a debt with them. Usually this credit card company will let you keep your credit privileges after the bankruptcy, but this is not guaranteed. The act of simply filing a bankruptcy is considered a default of your cardholder agreement and the credit card company could close the account even with a zero balance at the time of the bankruptcy filing. Once you have made the decision to file bankruptcy, you should not charge anything on any credit cards that you will seek to discharge in your bankruptcy.



Will filing a bankruptcy affect my spouse’s credit at all?

Filling for bankruptcy will not have an affect on your spouse’s personal credit, but if they are a co-signer on any debt that is not being paid and is included in this bankruptcy, that will impact their credit. When you file bankruptcy it will not show on your spouse’s credit unless they also file for bankruptcy. If your spouse has not signed to be legally responsible for a debt, they are not a responsible party in the bankruptcy. However, sometimes certain credit card services will try and argue that they are responsible even though they didn't sign anything. These companies sometimes will even put a “no pay” on your spouses credit report if a debt is unpaid;. But your spouse can request that the reporting service to correct the error. If your spouse requests that the error be fixed on their credit report, this credit card company will be required to show and prove that your spouse signed for the debt. If the credit card company can not show proof of your spouse signing, it will be taken off their credit report. Some credit card companies may attempt to collect from your spouse by claiming they are liable for the debt, but they are not liable. If any of these companies damage your spouses credit , it quite possibly could be grounds for a lawsuit against them. Credit is usually granted based upon a score from your payment history on your debts, the total amount of money that you owe creditors, how long you have been paying towards your current debt, if any new credit has been opened recently, and what kinds of credit and debt you have open.




Where will my 341 hearing be at?

The 341 hearing will always be at the Federal Court that is closest to your location.

In metro Kansas City, your 341 hearing will be held at
Federal Courthouse
400 E 9th St.
Second Floor Hearing Room
Kansas City, MO 64106


Buchanan County Courthouse
411 Jules Street
Room 223-Mann Conference Room
St. Joseph, MO 64501




What should I wear to my hearing?

Your 341 meeting will be a Federal Court proceeding so of course dress nice possibly business casual and act appropriately. Absolutely Do not wear cut-offs shorts or jeans with holes all over them and do not wear sandals. Do not wear expensive clothes expensive watches, or expensive jewelry. Children are not supposed to be at this hearing or in the hearing room. The Trustee is supposed to be looking for any assets to include in your case and at the very most your best interests are not the trustees concern. The trustee is representing the person or companies that you owe a debt too. In your bankruptcy papers you must report everything you own and it’s value.



Will my attorney be at the hearing?

Yes, the trustee in your case will not conduct your hearing without your lawyer present. The attorneys job is to make certain that your hearing goes smooth and also to help you in working with the trustee in your case. Quite often the trustee will request additional paper work or other special requests of the debtors in the case at the meeting of creditors. As your attorney I will help you with getting these documents to the trustee and I will stay in close contact with their office to ensure that your bankruptcy case proceeds through to a bankruptcy discharge.





If I want my car or my house to go back to the bank will I lose them immediately?

No. In most cases you will be required to return your vehicle 45 days after the 341 hearing and owe nothing until that point. If this is what you want to do it would be a good time to start looking for another car that you can more easily afford.

If you want to let your house go back to the bank rent free until the foreclosure is over. The shortest amount of time for a foreclosure to complete is about 6 months, and it can sometimes take up to 2 years to complete a foreclosure. One thing to keep in mind is that a repossession will usually do more damage to your personal credit than going through a bankruptcy. Many people choose to File a Chapter 13 to catch up on their missed payments in order to keep to keep their home. There's only a few legitimate reasons why someone would let their home go back to the bank and one is that they are very upside down in their equity and the payments are very large and overwhelming.




When I file Bankruptcy am I required to list all of my assets?

Yes you have to list and disclose each and every asset you have. When filing bankruptcy if you knowingly and fraudulently attempt to conceal any of your assets from the Court or trustee, you will have committed a felony which can be a fine of up to $5000 and you could be put in prison for to 5 years. This type of circumstance is fairly rare and will only usually happen in some of the worst cases. If any items are not disclosed the Court could also deny discharge, or dismiss the case or convert the bankruptcy proceeding altogether.




Is my retirement account exempt from bankruptcy?

Most of the time retirement accounts can not be used by your creditors to repay debt in bankruptcy court. If this account in question is a true retirement account this will be the case but if this is an investment account that you are calling a retirement account it probably will be included in the bankruptcy . True retirement accounts can not be assigned or attached to your bankruptcy case. If the investment account stock is worthless or of little value you can list it and it could become abandoned by the trustee and then it will be all yours again if this happens. When you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy at that point all of your property essentially will belong to the Trustee in your case.



Can I list my utility bills in my bankruptcy?

Yes you can but these utilities will more than likely make you put down a deposit that is equal to your average one month’s of service. If you decide to list your utilities in your bankruptcy filing, you will need to as soon as possible let your utility companies know that you have filed for bankruptcy and give them your bankruptcy case number and the date you filed the bankruptcy. If you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy that includes your utility bills and don’t pay these bills or contact them, you will more than likely have your service shut off. It could be up to a month until the utility companies find out that you have filed for bankruptcy, so if you include any utility service it is advised to let them know immediately.



How do I get a wage garnishment that is on my paycheck stopped?

To stop a wage garnishment you will either need to pay the debt off in full (with interest), or you can file for bankruptcy. After the bankruptcy petition is filed, one of our bankruptcy attorneys will contact the creditor that is garnishing your wages and have it stopped asap.

Most wage garnishments take upwards of 25% of your net wages. This alone can keep you from being able to pay all of your bills (let alone paying for your rent or mortgage payment). In many cases people end up having to take out new credit cards to make up for their shortfall due to the garnishment just so they are able to pay for daily necessities like buying food and putting gas in the vehicle.

Filing for bankruptcy will not only stop the garnishments on your paycheck; your bankruptcy will also wipe away the burdening debt that caused all of the problems to begin with.

Filing bankruptcy will get rid of your unsecured debts like credit cards bills, past medical bills and payday loans. It will also unfreeze any bank levies that were placed upon your checking accounts, it will stop any lawsuits that are pending against you and your bankruptcy will get you back on the right track towards your financial freedom by giving you a new fresh start with a clean slate.

The bankruptcy attorneys at Law In Kansas City have been working with debt-related issues for over ten years and have helped hundreds of individuals get back on track with their finances. Call now to schedule a free consultation. 816-479-2700



Top 10 Leading Cause of Bankruptcy

These percentages represent the reasons an individual files for bankruptcy. Multiple sources were combined to average the top reasons why Americans filed.

Medical Costs & Bills (42%)

Recent studies conducted have shown that 42% of all personal bankruptcy filings are a result of extensive medical expenses. The studies also revealed that 78% of those who filed had health insurance.

Job Losses & Unemployment (22%)

Over 2 million Americans are unemployed, which makes it far more likely to file for bankruptcy in this study. Unemployed Americans often pay for their health insurance out of pocket and not by an employer.

Uncontrolled Spending Habits (15%)

Extensive c redit card bills, over extended very large mortgages, and expensive luxury car payments contribute greatly to bankruptcy filings. Uncontrolled spending money habits can put Americans on a direct path to a filing.

Divorces (8%)

Legal fees, child support payments, alimony paymentsand the financial weight of providing for a whole household on only one income can result in great financial stress. Divorce stats are nearly 50% in USA.

Natural Disasters (7%)

Unexpected natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, or a hurricane can be almost impossible to prepare for by anyone. If a homeowner is not holding insurance when a hurricane strikes, theres a high likelyhood it will lead to filing.

Trying To Avoid Foreclosure (1.5%)

An individual can spend their whole life time preparing to purchase a house. Just to avoid going into foreclosure, alot of Americans will file to re-organize their debt.

Poor Financial Planning (1.5%)

Not having a well thought out and sound financial plan can lead to filing. Finance professionals recommendstarting a savings account forthe potential unplanned expenses that could lead to added debt.

Loss of Home Utilities (1%)

Along with house foreclosure is the potential risk of losing home utilities. Keeping the lights turned on and a house warm at night can be a major factor for someone to submit filing.

Unpayable Student Loans (1%)

Some s tudent loans will not be eliminated like other debt, but it can be possible to consolidate some student loans with a filing.

Attempt To Prevent A Repossession (1%)

If a creditor is attempting to reposses your car, filing may force them to return the car to you, andpossibly any other personal items that may have also been repossessed.


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