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The overwhelming fear of your home being foreclosed upon can be terrible. There are many situations that thousands of people across the USA face that cause their home to go into foreclosure such as: losing a great paying job, medical or health issues, or that your mortgage payment has dramatically increased due to an adjustable rate mortgage. If you are a few months late on your house payments, you are probably receiving letters in the mail and phone calls from your home lending company and are not being offered any viable options for helping or fixing your financial dilemma.

Our attorneys may be capable of avoiding a foreclosure of your home through a bankruptcy. Contact us our office and our lawyers will evaluate your situation and advise you on your best course of action.

A Few Facts About Home Foreclosure

The home foreclosure process has multiple stages and is not a one off event. In the state of Missouri the foreclosure process starts with numerous months of missed house payments to have accumulated. While your house will be in the risk of foreclosure with past due payments the fact is, that your home is still owned by you until a foreclosure takes place and the sale of the house occurs. And by law the foreclosure sale of the house has to be addressed in writing to you and also to the public.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you with your best legal strategies and possibly put a stop to the foreclosure of your home, as well as putting a stop to the harassing phone calls, stopping your vehicle from getting repossessed and stopping your wage garnishments.

Filing For Bankruptcy Can Save Your
Home From Foreclosure

There are a few different ways that filing for bankruptcy can help your stay in your home.

  • Often times a bankruptcy filing can halt a foreclosure sale of your home that has been scheduled to take place. This would be an auction sale of the home where the lender's trustee attempts to sell the house to get the money to pay down the mortgage debt in full.
  • In many cases bankruptcies are utilized to pay past over due house payments. For instance filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you to get paid up on overdue loan payments by restructuring these past overdue payments into a three year repayment plan.
  • Filing a bankruptcy can help many individuals to be able to afford their normal monthly mortgage payments by clearing out other big monthly payments on certain unsecured debts you may have like credit cards and medical bills. A bankruptcy can also bring your house payments to an affordable amount by restructuring the monthly payments.


Filing For Bankruptcy Can Also Help You get Into A More Affordable Living Arrangement

Quite often when filing a bankruptcy people do not want to stay in their current home. For instance if your current home is very upside down (meaning that the houses appraised value is far less than the mortgage amount) due to a recent refinance or due to the decline in home values in your area, keeping your home may not be worth it in the long run.

Or if your current house payments are now out of reach because of a decrease in overall household income or from an adjustable mortgage rate change, getting into a more reasonably priced living arrangement could be the best move at this time.

Our foreclosure attorneys can help you decide on your best options for getting out from under your current house. Some of these options may include:

  • - The sale of the house through a short sale or a traditional house sale.
  • - Letting the foreclosure of the home to take place.
    - The discharge of debt from a your first or second home mortgage (or HELOC) through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing  if you qualify for one.

Explore Your Foreclosure Alternatives in Greater Kansas City Metro Area

Each and every home loan circumstance is different as well as every mortgage can be different, but in every instance a foreclosure may be stopped in most cases. When facing foreclosure it is very important to consult with an experienced foreclosure and bankruptcy lawyer for your best legal option Contact us now to schedule a free consultation.

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